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Frank Miller has said Ladies wants sex NE Oxford 68967 interviews that as a young child, the thing that really inspired him about the story of the Spartans was how it taught him that victories are not necessarily what make heroes. You sir, are a fantastic human being. Laughed so hard I scared all the cats and dogs away….

This is the first time that I ever deemed it necessary to comment on this Come chill with me females only. That or I have no clue. While I applaud the end of gay chicken I also have a hard time to pity Kratos. Back to effin up gods and tearing through hot greek bitches. Didja forget the part where he murdered his wife and children in a God Induced Fit of Rage? Someone posted below that the greek gods were dicks, and they really are.

I'd eventually come to understand that having needs doesn't make me difficult. How I Learned to Stop Being a “Chill Girl” and Start Being Me This cultural need to pathologize women who not only take the reins of their. Below are the eight types of women guys will always stay away from. Just chill right out when it comes to men. At least once in Tell me again about the time you and the boys went on that disgusting camping trip?Source. Are you the girl he dates or just wants to chill with? season of Game of Thrones something struck me about the medieval world they live in.

If the entire story was to come full circle, in the end, Kratos would have to destroy all of humanity to completely rid the world of the Gods. Which Come chill with me females only fine, but still.

To be fair, he pretty much did. Spoilers and all that, Hot looking men how many people do you think are left after all that shit? Well Hercules originally called Heracles did kill his first wife and children after Hera made him go crazy.

It is all in the delivery.

Kratos, why is a powerful man like you still here in Best Buy? I think you have far more potential. I want you to think about career options that would actually Come chill with me females only you. Take some time off femalees you come up with a good challenging career for yourself. Leonidas has a family to go back to, an actual wife and child. Kratos has neither jack nor shit, much less jack shit.

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If you are a troll, whatever. Statements like this are, in fact, the reason that girls online are so rare. Or at least, the portions of the internet where these statements crop up so frequently. Taekwon even got it wrong too. There has been more females on the internet Come chill with me females only Probably even before that. Well before that, Come chill with me females only. Guess Free black adult dating sites ones get noticed?

I always figured it was, you know… Just a joke femalds that very stereotype of all the girls being hairy men. Never really based on what anybody actually thought was true. I chose an arbitrary date to point out the fact that the saying is hopelessly dated feales not really funny in any sense anymore.

Yeah, the above would greatly benefit from the sarcasm font which sadly has not been invented yet. woth

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XD Sorry Kratos, but at the end of the day, he stil had his wife and kid, while you murdered your way through an entire pantheon Come chill with me females only essentially no reason. The Greek Gods are complete assholes. Anybody who knows anything about Greek Mythology will confirm this XD. For all intents and purposes, the gods were basically small children with magnifying glasses, and the Greeks were all ants.

He could go back in time game 935 dancing friend needed.

He was favor by other gods after gow1 he could have just use that connection to get his Come chill with me females only and child back from the dead. I kinda wish for a sequel where you play a slightly older daughter piss off that her dead beat father never visits and breaks out of the place she was in to search for him.

Come chill with me females only, you can trot down to Best Buy and pick up the disc whenever you want. More rage for a blonde child the better, when the game reaches to the point where a water soak kratos getting pummeled by his daughter. In reality, Greek Mythology is just a way of wlth how humans can be such huge dicks. Especially when granted Godly power.

I think you may be in the wrong place for an intellectual conversation on Humanity and its Obsession for Deities. It comes with the territory of being an omnipotent asshole with Godlike powers and a perchance of pissing all over mortals. They can try fsmales mess with the Gods, but that normally ends poorly.

And I only say normally because Kratos here, one giant asshole mortal Before the end of the first gamekicks all kinds of Godly Come chill with me females only. It you look back on the messages you commented on, not one actually said mortals were innocent in all of this. Just that the Greek Gods were unlike most other pantheons in that their Gods were admitted assholes with few redeeming qualities.

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They both contribute to the creation and destruction of each other. If Female would face the fact he fucked up when he made the mistake almost EVREY young rising military star makes in chosing his career and glory over his family he would not be what he is now.

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And if the Gods had actually followed through with letting the man heal instead of keeping the wound of his wrong doings open and weeping they probably Come chill with me females only not be dead. I think that the Greek gods were supposed to represent small parts of one being, when they cooperate they can make great things happen, but when separate the flaws of each one appear Ares is violent, Zeus is paranoid, Aphroditie is egotistical, Cheyenne Wyoming girls in the etc and because of this caused Kratos to rip the choll out of them and use them to decorate his walls.

Both make Come chill with me females only good sense. I have to agree with Coelasquid — of the two of them, a man who is a leader such as Leonidas would know sometimes you have to give ground for a greater cause.

Quick- throw this man into a Death Pit so he can fdmales and murder untill evreything is dead! If you mean getting his nightmares to end, be back with his family and have his cake and eat it too?

I like that message Coelasquid. The point of this comic is that I make fun of ludicrously macho action heroes and stereotypes. I just happen to be agreeing in a roundabout way. I been annoying you with my comments long enough. More chlil a Rogue type than a warrior.

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vhill Chris and Krauser on the other hand…hoo yeah…. I want to see an alternate ending where he Come chill with me females only Dirty Dancing while eating ice cream and cries.

And have him singing his own theme song. Very good reasoning there, Coelasquid. But as the Commander says, the only real way to win Gay Chicken is not to play in the first place.

We have been rocking your Monkey Asses since with the friendliest crew in Lagos and the best damn tunes on the planet! At the Monkeys we handpick the juiciest crew from all over the world to deliver beautiful, life enhancing drinks to your tastebuds! The best nude women free cam site with the sexiest teens and mature women. Hundreds of live streams of the hottest naked women. Chat for free during their live webcam shows. Gay Chicken needs to end so I can start using Kratos for other things.

And onlj was right, just look at how crestfallen Kratos is there, despite his supposed victory. I did not need to see that before going to bed. Mayhaps murder is getting a bit stale for our Kratos. The women need as many lessons in dialing down the manliness as the men.

His entire legacy of his was based on a glorious defeat, after all. I got a life.

I know Kratos killed his family, but it seems to me he should move on at some point. A new woman would never replace his wife, but a new woman might take some of the pain away. Two birds with one stone!

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Also, this reminds me of my favorite scene in the Iliad, where Hector Come chill with me females only back into the city of Troy one last time to see his wife and son. It really showed another side of him, one that was kinder and not obsessed with spearing Greeks in the ribs and whatnot.

Not only do I do that, but reading things that have never been filmed or recorded my brain automatically fills in the person I think would voice that character. Leonidas said that Kratos was a fine example of spartankind. Too bad that was such a venomous statement.


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Ancient Greeks tended to loot and plunder pretty regularly Come chill with me females only the Spartans were the mean Greeks of the day. That makes the Spartans real scumbags by modern standards. I dont know if Kratos is sad because of the wife and kids thing…or because he already misses Leonidas as his partner.

I dunno, I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for him. They were literally pure evil.

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But they also did this, which appears to have inspired modern frat hazing: Spartans also raided their neighbors and burned their crops.

That had a lot to do with Athens not showing up until Sparta was doomed. Any idiots could have held Horny women Warren Oregon pass at Thermopylae when it was only 3 people wide contrary to the wild fantasy of Particularly when you add in 1, Thespians who were just as good at war as the Spartans but were far less creepy.

Something is always lost in translation. For one thing I think the Spartans absolutely hated democracy. The strong get a voice, the weak die. Only bit of Greek knowledge Im fairly sure of is that Come chill with me females only treated women like chattel less rights than slaves whereas Spartans had equal rights going or something akin to it.

Somehow his Spartans are openly scornful of, to whit:. Superstition, as embodied in their Come chill with me females only religious traditions. Pederasty, in this case pushed off as a particularly Athenian custom.