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Are you seeking your naughty daddy

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My ex admitted he began seeing a girl behind my back because he was of being alone. Independant ~ discreet im 30 year old single white woman on my own with a job no curves and tattoos. I Are you seeking your naughty daddy my perfect friend to be near my age and to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Not the greatest waiting, but not ugly from what I hearP picture for picture. Wifes away till tomorrow.

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Child gets naughty when Daddy is home: Sign in to reply. Not sure if anyone else has this problem but here is mine My DD is 3years and 9months.

Are you seeking your naughty daddy

Posted Monday 09 January She isn't going out of her way to frustrate you though. She is just so full of excitement, emotion, enthusiasm etc that she just isn't sure how to use it.

Maybe rather then telling her off maybe redirect the activity?

If she is jumping all over daddy, maybe you could try saying "hang on, that hurts daddy - why don't we play chasey" swap something physical for something physical. She is sewking absolutely bursting with joy for daddy being home and she needs a way to let it out.

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Reverse what you are doing. Try and turn her negative behaviour into positive behaviour, but not by telling her off or punishing her.

Chances are she is just making up for lost time and she needs your help with how to deal Are you seeking your naughty daddy it. Posted Tuesday 10 January The funny thing is my DH doesn't go out all too often anymore so it still surprises me when nauhhty acts the way she does.

I am trying to say this bit really sensitively and I totally understand how knackered yoou would both be! Therefore the problem isn't that the kids are naughty, but more that you are too tired in the first place to stop it escalating.

To fix it you would be better off looking at what you and dh can change to give yourselves more energy to handle your super excited kids. I really hope that came out alright.

Your advice was fab OC Oh look, its really hard - especially when pregnant! That way even when in the depths of pregnancy brain land you can look at the list and say right we are going to do this.

Are you seeking your naughty daddy I Am Ready Sexy Meeting

I'll start a thread of how to wear out toddlers in general and see if we can get some ideas for you! I always find this a really big problem for us as well, my wee girl is 2 and daddy does shift work, sometimes Are you seeking your naughty daddy a few days where they don't rAe each other and when he's home she's terrible!!

I often think it's because her routine has changed, even though I keep things normal, she's not Arre to daddy doing it really. And also I wonder if she just doesn't like sharing attention because usually she's got me to herself.

Posted Wednesday 11 January